Founder of the town of Fastov boyar named Fastov

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The ambassador and druzhinnik princes of Kiev Oleg and Igor boyarin Fastov - the founder of the city of Fastov.

The study of the history of the foundation of Fastov is a great research project of Anatoly Drevetsky as a local ethnographer. The fact is that according to the official version the town of Fastov is much younger than it really is. The sculptor managed to find documentary evidence that the city was founded by boyar Fastov.

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Анатолий Древецкий — украинский скульптор, график, живописец. По природе своей он более всего монументалист, но работает с различными формами, размерами и материалами.  В работе художника нет места спешке, ведь желаемого результата м... More
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