Alexander Vygovsky


Alexander Vygovsky is a master of easel sculpture and outstanding representative of the modern art. He mostly works with wood; however he also has masterpieces made of plastic, metal, and construction foam.

Once, when one of the journalists pestered him with the question ‘Come on, tell us in what style do you work?’ he, in order to get rid of an intrusive interviewer, joked, ‘It’s conceptual surrealism’.  Since that time he answers only in that way if someone tries to press him in some kind of boundaries.

Conceptual surrealism? It’s a kind of the oxymoron, the combination of incongruous, nonsense. But why not? This is the essence of Vygovsky, to be not like everyone else, do not fit into any kind of system, to shock, perplex, cause confusion, catch flatfooted, and surprise by an unexpected approach to any sphere of life.

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