Petr Yemets


Petr Zaharovich Yemets is the Ukrainian artist, painter.

Since the first days of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant he had been directly in the thirty-kilometer exclusion zone for three years. He worked as a liquidator of the consequences of the accident at the ChNPP. He created a unique documentary and art chronicle of the Chernobyl tragedy. About 200 paintings, created during this period, make up a collection of paintings called “Chernobyl Bells”.

However, the Chernobyl theme is not the only one in Petr Yemets’ works. During his travels, the artist depicted landscapes of Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, and the United States both on paper and canvas. Later, he combined these paintings into a collection called “... And I worship all the temples of the world”. This collection also includes works of the series: “The Art of War. Sarajevo 1995”: in 1995 Petr Yemets made a series of graphic sketches, and also created oil and watercolor paintings, where recreated the events took place during the civil war in Yugoslavia (Sarajevo). Almost all the works are done from nature; they depict real people and events.